Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

The past month has flown by! We raced (literally doing 5k and 10k races) through Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, and Arkansas. We are officially on the “Brooks Joggle Happy Tour” until the end of April. The past week we were in Wisconsin visiting family and it was a much needed break from the road. We were excited to hand deliver our annual Christmas Extravaganza CD to each of our family members. We flew into Milwaukee to stay with Bob’s family for a few days in Oconomowoc. We surprised Bob’s little sis Katie at her school as soon as we got in. The next day Trish sprained her ankle playing some pick-up basketball at the local YMCA. :( She is icing like crazy and is praying for a fast recovery. The next few days were a blur of family fun and Christmas parties with the Evans clan. Then we drove north to Iron River, Wisconsin to hang out with Trisha’s side of the family. We collaborated with Trisha’s younger sisters, Jess and Nicole (ages 24 and 21), and Trisha’s dad, Scott, on a new shoe idea: heals made of deer hooves… look for the prototype in 2012! ;) We played a lot of cards with Trisha’s mom, Linnea and her husband, Al. Bob, Trish, and Nikki made a good run, but in the end, Linnea, Al and Jess were the Euchre victors.

It was really great being with family for Christmas. Now we are back on the road, making our way through Texas. We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and has a safe and fun New Year. Let us know what your 2012 goals are!


Bob and Trish

Here is the list of our 2012 goals and resolutions:


-develop and perform a basketball-juggling routine

-4 clubs on back (50 throws - doubles)

-create a tutorial for 5-ball partner juggling

-create a tutorual for 5-ball juggling

-create a tutorial for beginning club passing

-5 clubs (300 throws with clean finish… aka 1 minute - doubles)

-6 balls (50 throws with clean finish - asynch)

-stationary handstand for 30 seconds

-do 20 consecutive pull-ups

-20 consecutive crotch throws (alberts and treblas)

-joggle a half-marathon

-break world record for one-mile joggle (4:42)

-collaborate with Dude Perfect on a trick shot

-include collaboration on all monthly trick shots

-pass with Owen Morse

-joggle a 16:40 5K on a track


-50 pushups in a row (NOT girly ones!)

-juggle 5 balls continuously for 1 minute

-joggle a sub-20:00 5k

-get the 100m joggling world record

-hold right and left splits for 1 minute each (all the way down)

-Dehydrate our own snacks and make our own juices (which means we need a dehydrator and a juicer!)

-Make a music video for one of my songs

-Read Birthing From Within (book on being a mid-wife)

-Consciously strive for a better attitude (more patient when I’m hungry and/or tired, appreciate myself)

-Develop an artistic juggling routine that tells a story

Bob and Trish

-8 clubs (2-ct. doubles) for one minute

-8 clubs back-to-back (20 throws 2-ct. doubles)

-"sitting" with 8 clubs (20 throws each)

-9 club doubles (20 throws 2-ct. doubles)

-7 clubs back2back (2-ct. doubles) for one minute

-8-ultimates with clubs (20 throws - singles/doubles) and rings (40 throws)

-tandem cart-wheel (4 turns)

-pass out of shoulder-stack (10 passes - 6 clubs)

-7 clubs on unis (20 passes 2-ct. doubles and singles)

-develop and perform 6-club 4-count routine

-develop and perform an acroyoga routine

-develop and perform two-headed guitar song

-perform at a halftime show

-juggle a triathlon

-create a juggling video with a story

-create a successful grant proposal

-financial Organization

-finish book with Tim and Josie

-perform a music act together (open mic?)

-joggle a relay marathon

-get summer jobs

-Visit the Kalvan Gym

-Meet Mills Family

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