Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Brooks Joggle Happy Tour!

We are excited to announce that Brooks Running Company has decided to make us sponsored jogglers! They will be supporting all our running shoe/gear needs and giving us a lot of exposure through their various platforms. In exchange, we get to keep joggling races on the weekends and doing free juggling shows at the events. It’s a win-win relationship - it’s the Brooks Joggle Happy Tour! Brooks will be posting videos and blog posts on our adventures like this one: Introducing the Brooks Joggle Happy Tour!

So how do a couple jogglers get sponsored by a major shoe company? Well, it all started when Trish broke the 5K world record in Minnesota this past summer while wearing Brooks shoes. A few weeks later, we “liked” Brooks Running on Facebook and posted a picture to their wall of Trish joggling in Brooks shoes with the caption, “Women Breaks Joggling World Record in Brooks Green Silence Shoes.” They really liked the picture and contacted us to learn more. After talking to us, they posted this blog post. Then, when I (Bob) broke the 5K world record in Nashville last month, also wearing Brooks shoes, we posted another picture to their Facebook wall which got more good feedback from their fans. Brooks contacted us again and pitched their offer to give us free stuff and share our story with thousands of people… we said yes.

Stay tuned for more “Joggle Happy” adventures and some Brooks giveaways on the Bob and Trish Juggling Facebook Page.