Friday, October 1, 2010

Stories that Soar and Joggling!


We have been doing a lot of work with Stories that Soar (, a local non-profit group that takes stories written by students and brings them to life through performance arts. Last week, we got to act out a story about a little girl (Trish) who creates her own robot (Bob on unicycle) to clean her room and play with her. This upcoming week we get to play more fun characters like Super Plumber, Big Foot, Super Mom, Circus Clowns, a Tornado, and more!


On September 25th, we joggled the Fiesta Sahuarita 5K. This was the first running race we have ever joggled. Bob, who has joggled at least a mile every day since turning 28 on July 24th, finished 1st overall with a time of 19:04 and Trish finished 4th overall (1st female) with a time of 22:33. According to the International Juggling Association, Trish set an unofficial world record with her time!

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