Monday, September 27, 2010

MONTHLY REVIEW- September 2010

Hey everyone! September was a great month. First quarter of school is almost over. We are building our database of contacts, getting Gary (our car) equipped for the road, selling off/giving away items we don't need anymore, and undertaking other preparations for a year of travel.

Here are some of the highlights:

- We went to a pool party on a ranch in Tubac (20 minutes south of Green Valley) with a bunch of local jugglers. It was an amazing house. The locals call it the Taj Mahal of Tubac. They had a huge grill. A parachute-turned-canopy shaded the pool. Plus it was perfectly set upon a hill so there was an amazing 360 degree view of the mountains and desert. Mark, a friend, grilled Mesquite Flan (SOOOO TASTY!) and we dipped in in home made Hummus. I (Trish) had a minor allergy attack and spent some of the evening tearing my eyeballs out. Bob and I juggled fire but the bugs attacked the light. After, we had to pick out the bugs from our hair! Ha! We were just happy our little car made it to and from the ranch house without any major disasters.

- After one of the rain storms that come during monsoon season, we found a giant toad hanging out under one of the gutters that runs from the roof to the ground. It was bigger than my two fists put together!

- Bob and I spotted 2 live rattlesnakes on a drive home one night. They were both within a 1/2 mile of the house. As we pulled into the driveway we saw a tarantula crawling towards the house. We quickly opened the garage door, sped in, and shut it again quick! Arizona really comes alive at night!

-I tried playing with a church band at "The Rock" church. It was fun but I just don't have enough time. So I'm not doing that anymore, but I am saving for a new guitar and am still writing music on the side.

-We pre-ordered, received, and watched the complete 6th season of The Office. :) Funniest TV show ever. -We have been reading a lot this month. Bob and I (mostly Bob) have been doing a lot of reading on business and touring/booking. We are trying to learn the ropes before we start booking shows for the travel year. I read the new Nicholas Sparks book, Safe Haven. I recommend this book. I also read a book by Tana French, called In the Woods. This was a thrilling mystery with a really different ending. It was a recommendation for me from an English teacher I eat lunch with.

- I did another gallbladder and liver cleanse... releasing 75 stones! Yeah! My stomach is feeling great.

-We have started a season of "crazy time" for shows. Last weekend we did 3 shows and we have another this weekend. We are learning some new tricks which you can check out in our latest videos. We are excited to meet with a local group of acroyoga performers called "Flight School" to learn some of their interesting acrobatic stunts and transitions.

-We are performing again with a group called Stories that Soar. We started doing this last year. It is a really creative and fun group that brings life to actual children's stories by scripting them out and performing them as a school assembly. It's really fun playing around with and learning from other performers.

What a month! It's crazy that next month will be even busier. We are looking forward to all the new experiences to come and thank God for the experiences we had this September.

With love!

Trish and Bob

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