Sunday, October 30, 2011

World Record!!!

Hey everyone! Bob got the world record in Nashville on Saturday! The Komen 5k turned out to be the perfect place. The weather wasn't too cold, definitely not too hot. The course wasn't flat, but not too hilly. And we even found a pacer! The whole Catch It Early (jogglers for cancer awareness) group was there and the race was a blast. I heard the announcer verify that the world record had been achieved as I was rounding the last few corners of the race. I gave a "whoop, whoop" and got back to concentrating on breathing. Bob won the race with a 16:51 and I won for the females with a 20:23... I'll get that sub 20 soon, I know it! :) All in all, a really fun day.
We capped off the evening with a halloween party that the neighbors of our hosts were throwing... and we of course ended up throwing some things ourselves! Can you guess what are costumes are?

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