Monday, October 10, 2011

Making Statues out of Stone...

Hey everyone!

Recently we went to a juggling festival in Philadelphia, PA. The juggling festival was a lot of fun and so was the city! We ran up the Rocky steps, found the liberty bell, and played tourist, taking pictures with statues and old buildings… (see pictures!) We ran a 5k in the city and both of us beat our previous best times! Bob ran a 16:59 and I ran a 19:45. Watch out world record, Bob is about to break you! The city is a mess of zig-zagging roads and on two different runs I found myself lost. But overall the city is a fun place to visit. We stayed with a great guy named Jackie, who is the leader of the Philadelphia juggling club. He has a somewhat “grumpy-old-men” type of hatred for squirrels and told us how he captures them in a live trap, spray-paints their butts red, and lets them go in the city zoo. Classic. Right now we are enjoying Asheville, North Carolina. What a beautiful combination of the warm, hospitable south, and the seasonal, mountainous north.

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