Friday, September 10, 2010

10 of our Favorite Things to Do in Southern Arizona!

1. Juggling in Tucson! We have a new video coming soon!
2. Joggling (running and juggling at the same time) on Camino Del Sol.
3. Hunting rattlesnakes at night- in our car, of course!
4. Teaching
5. Playing and singing in The Rock church band. (Trish)
6. Juggling 5 clubs! (Bob)
7. Zumba on Saturday mornings. (Trish)
8. Trying new food: quinua pilaf, fruit and veggie smoothies, homemade energy bars, garden burgers, "Oregano's Restaurant" inspired spaghetti...
9. Killing really big spiders in the garage. (Bob kills, Trish is there for moral support)
10. Driving around in Gary (the new car). Check him out in our new video.

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