Friday, August 20, 2010


We are back in Arizona now, teaching high school and enjoying a season of rest before things start to get crazy with shows, coaching basketball, juggling classes, etc. We juggled fire at a birthday party last weekend as you can see by the pic!

We are diligently practicing our acrobatic juggling and unicycling skills. In the morning, we get up early (me-Bob at 4:30, Trish around 5:30) to do some individual juggling, unicycling and body work (strength, flexibility, etc.). On Monday evenings we practice acrojuggling and do some swing dancing. We recently learned an acrobalance pose that involves Trish standing on my feet…. you’ll have to see one of our shows or videos to believe it! On Thursday nights we do a partner juggling session. 8 clubs is our biggest challenge right now, but it is gradually getting easier. On Sundays afternoons we get together with our acrobatic friends Angela and Matt for some acro practice and then on Sunday evenings we play with our friends at the Tucson Juggling Club.

In other news, Trish has a new unicycle coming soon! She ordered a 20” Nimbus freestyle uni to match the one that I use in shows. We also both ordered sweet yellow pedals. We plan on doing more uni-juggling in our upcoming shows. Speaking of upcoming shows, we have two school assemblies, a fire show and a stage show on the schedule for September and early October (more details coming soon).

The website should be finished (for now) soon and we have big hopes for the new “Jason and Bob Basketball-Juggling Trick Shot Video” that will be released into the wild soon. Stay tuned!

Oh, one more thing… we sold our 1997 Honda Odyssey and we are now riding our 2006 Scion xB (a little box on wheels).

Also, the joggling streak is still alive at 27 days!

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